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Red Asphalt Patch Repairs – Guildford

30th August 2023

Today we completed two red asphalt overlay patch repairs at Alfred’s Kitchen carpark in Guildford. As you can see from the images, the damage is extensive.

Repairs like these not only improve the appearance of the carpark they also remove the tripping hazards and smooth out the ride for the customers.

It is important to note that the newly laid red asphalt looks very dark, more like a brown almost black colour. The new asphalt will lighten in colour over time however, it will never match the existing old asphalt. This is normal and typical for all red asphalt patches and repairs.

Thanks to our technician Daniel for a job well done and thanks to our friends at Alfred’s Kitchen for engaging us to do the work! An excellent cost-effective outcome.

For information on Alfred’s Kitchen and the awesome food they provide please visit their website – Alfred’s Kitchen

Before & After Pictures

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