This is the installation of new asphalt to a previously prepared area. For example, a plumber replacing an inspection lid requires the asphalt around it to be reinstalled. The repair is expected to last more than 10 years.

233312 6b209b9b75064900adbe77a65d4ac512mv2


233312 827bbc1110174689bfbe1eddc69b6417mv2

Identify the prepared patch. (Prepared prior to us attending site)​​

233312 0a76cdce5fb54f1fadaf33d64dc1df1amv2

Apply tack to the patch to ensure increased adhesion.

233312 0f487405598d490d9ee382f5fa4449fdmv2

Apply asphalt and rake to the desired finish height.

233312 c18cc30bf9c64e2fb5fb36f7cd18c9c9mv2

Compact the patch.

233312 181b8574bbf1478da1883c42037a9012mv2