Asphalt Repairs Asphalt Repairs

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At Potholes Perth we can supply and install asphalt to prepared areas or we can prepare areas ready for asphalt for you.

Crossover Driveways Crossover Driveways

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Potholes Perth are the experts in Driveways and Crossovers. We have completed more Driveways and Crossovers in Perth then the all other companies.

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We repair potholes quickly and right way.
Our team covers all suburbs and we guarantee our work.

Rejuvenation Rejuvenation

Cost effective

If your existing driveway, parking area, roadway is looking tired and worn and in need of some revitalisation, and each time you look at it you wish you could repair it without having to go to the expense of removing and replacing it, then rejuvenation is a cost effective solution.

Water Diverters & Speed Humps Water Diverters & Speed Humps

Design | Implementation

If your existing driveway, parking area or roadway is experienceing water flow and pooling issues we have the expertise and experience to help solve them.

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New Driveway

So your patient wife can’t handle the dust anymore and has pressured you to asphalt the driveway....

Asphalt 101

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How should I maintain a new asphalt surface?

Avoid pressure washing or mechanically sweeping your asphalt for the first few weeks. Remember that petrol, degreeser...

After installation, how long should I wait to put vehicles on the asphalt?

Typically overnight but if you really need to drive over the asphalt once the temp drops below...

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