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Asphalt Ramp – Neerabup

September 27th, 2023 

Today we completed an asphalt ramp at the CARCO.com.au Raceway to improve the transition from asphalt to a grassed area adjacent to the track. The existing kerb had a large enough height difference between the asphalt and the concrete pad to cause a problem for low clearance vehicles moving in and out of this space.

As you can see from the before and after pictures the difference doesn’t look like much, but when you have a high-performance race vehicle moving in and out of the area with limited ground clearance the owner will be please that they aren’t scratching the paintwork.

Thanks to our technician Anthony for a job well done and thanks to our friends at the WA Sporting Car Club for engaging us to do the work! A very good outcome for all.

For information on the CARCO.com.au Raceway and the WA Sporting Car Club and the great facility they provide please visit their websites.

CARCO.com.au Raceway – CARCO.com.au Raceway

WA Sporting Car Club – WA Sporting Car Club Inc.

Before & After Pictures

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