Completed Asphalt Patch Repair, Shell Service Station Wongan Hills
2 min read

Asphalt Patch Repair – Wongan Hills

Tuesday, December 12th, 2023 Today we completed an asphalt patch repair at the Shell Service Station, Wongan Rd, Wongan Hills for GDR Civil Contracting. As you can see from the…
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1 min

Asphalt Concrete Edge Repair – Wangara

Today we completed an asphalt concrete edge repair at a commercial property in Wangara to improve the transition from the asphalt outside the roller door to the concrete inside. The…
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1 min read

Asphalt Patch Repair – Aubin Grove

Today we completed a small asphalt patch repair in a shared driveway in Aubin Grove for United Services Plumbing & Gas. A small but important job to replace the asphalt…