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Pothole repairs

We fix potholes.  Quick, easy, reliable.

How are potholes fixed?

Potholes are dangerous and quickly deteriorate with traffic and rain.

  1. Cutting out the damaged surface area
  2. Tack the edges with DMI Tack Coat
  3. Fix the base where required
  4. Re-asphalt and compact
  5. Remove all damaged asphalt from the site
  6. When we finish, we leave the area clean and ready for use
  7. Our pothole repairs will last for two years, guaranteed. This is a year on top of industry standard as we stand behind our asphalt repair service for any asphalt bitumen job that we provide.

To learn more about pot hole maintenance, read this blog post here.

How much does it cost to fix a pothole?

We are the cheapest pothole repair company in Australia using the same asphalt (hotmix) from the same Multi National Asphalt Plants such as Boral, Fulton Hogan, BGC and Downer

Why choose Potholes Perth

We fix potholes.  Quick, easy, reliable.  We use modern techniques with modern equipment.  We constantly perfect the art of asphalt repairs to increase the quality while reducing the cost.

You may have noticed we are cheaper than all other asphalt repair companies in Australia.  We use the same product (hot mix from the plant not cold mix) however we use smarter technology and equipment, better trained staff and a world class quoting and scheduling website.

We pride ourselves on turing up when we promise (you are alerted via email or text) and repair to a higher standard.

If your repair is more than a few pothole repairs, we can still help you with your project through our sister company, Jackson Asphalt. Jackson Asphalt which has been around since 1977 and they have completed over 14,000+ projects in Western Australia for residential properties, commercial and local government councils.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you with pothole repair or any general asphalt repairs and/or maintenance that you may need for your site.