13410 jobs completed to date
Est. 1977

Crossover Repair

We specialize in repairing asphalt crossovers

You have two options with your repair;

  • Lapping Patch, is a temporary pothole patch overlaying the damaged area which has a rasised finish (1-3 years)
  • Replacement Repair, cut, remove and replace asphalt permanent repair (10+ years)

How big is too big for Potholes Perth?

  • Up to 30 Crossover Repairs no one patch greater than 5m2
  • Up to 30 Pothole Lapping Patches no one patch greater than 5m2
  • Up to 30 Potholes Remove and Replace no one patch greater than 5m2
  • If you would like your entire crossover replaced please contact our

Why choose us?

We fix potholes.  Quick, easy, reliable.  We use modern techniques with modern equipment.  We constantly perfect the art of asphalt repairs to increase the quality while reducing the cost.

You may have noticed we are cheaper than all other asphalt repair companies in Australia.  We use the same product (hot mix from the plant not cold mix) however we use smarter technology and equipment, better trained staff and a world class quoting and scheduling website.

We pride ourselves on turning up when we promise (you are alerted via email or text) and repair to a higher standard.